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Guitar Basics

You may be overwhelmed on where to start. Learning the guitar can be quite intimidating at first glance. However, there is nothing to worry about. My philosophy in teaching is that learning should never seem "impossible." I value learning in very reasonable & manageable steps. This lesson module's goal is to take care of the question, "where do I start?" 



  1. Parts of the guitar

  2. How to hold the guitar properly 

  3. How to start making sounds 

  4. How to read tab paper 

  5. how to read chord paper 

  6. Simple riffs to start playing

Before you even begin playing, the most important thing is to learn how hold the guitar properly. Yes, there are incorrect ways to do it and this will help you play as comfortable as possible. This method will work for both acoustic and electric guitars. 


  • Sit with the guitar's body straight up, you do not want to have it slanted. As a beginner, you may be tempted to hold the guitar slanted. Please refrain from doing so, - your guitar may slip and it is not an efficient way to play   

  • The dip in the guitar's base is for your lap, Position the guitar so that it fits over your right leg (left leg if you play guitar left handed - like me!) 

  • Sit up straight and hold the guitar close to you, place one arm over the base of the guitar and use the other hand to hold on to the neck of the guitar. 

  • When holding the guitar, make sure the neck is not facing at a downward angle. You want it to be pointed slightly upwards or level with the floor.


This is the most basic way to hold the guitar. 



How to Hold the Guitar Properly

Take a look at this photo on the left, this man has the base of the guitar close to his body and straight up.  The Dip in the guitar base is just over his right leg and the neck of the guitar is at an excellent angle.  

How to Start Making Sounds 

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