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With over 15 years experience playing guitar, a bachelors of music in guitar performance from Carleton University, and multiple years of experience teaching for various music schools, I teach guitar to all ages. Whether you have no experience and want to start playing, or are an advanced musician looking to prepare for auditions, I can help you achieve your goals.

I've developed unique lesson plans that are proven effective. From theory, to jazz, pop, rock, metal and more, we'll get you playing in no time. Lessons are available in-person in the Ottawa area, or live online.

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Here is more of a detailed description of my lesson approach per skill/interest level:


I have lots of experience teaching child beginners as well as adult beginners. Beginners are exciting to teach because there is so many options that the future may hold. Typically, when starting, I like to introduce beginners with the basics of playing. This will include how to hold the guitar/make sounds/strum/play chords/play melodies/introduction to how to read sheet music/finger exercises. In my opinion, learning how to play guitar is a very fun experience, I enjoy showing my beginner students easier "versions" of songs that they may already enjoy as well as songs that I already know- that way you can start hearing and playing songs you know and love instead of waiting. For younger student's, I often incorporate weekly "quizzes" to encourage practicing if I see fit.


Maybe you can already play chords/a few of your favourite songs start to finish but are lacking the direction that you need. I am here to introduce intermediates to new and helpful concepts. These concepts include but are not limited to: how to practice effectively/technique building/how to get perfect timing/introduction to sheet music and sight reading some pieces/Introduction to theory - how it works in practice - I have developed a program to learning the entire fretboard - not just as a scale but with scale/chord/arpeggio relations as well as the significance of each scale relating to theory/chord structure etc. - this will help in song learning as well as improvising.


Advanced players are often interested in complicated techniques, this may include but not be limited to: fast legato technique/sweep picking/raking/alternate picking/economy picking/string skipping/odd time signatures/improvisation in jazz styles/rock styles/funk styles/metal styles etc. I teach many advanced players how to read sheet music and it's relation to the fretboard. How to solo with a chord progression in mind. Advanced chord voicings and how you can apply them to any key/how to make your own chord voicings/chord scales/chord solos/ear training-steps on learning songs by ear. I can teach theory up to a professional advanced level. Advanced players may also be stuck in a rut and not sure where to go in terms of progression. I am here to help in many ways.

Professional Advanced:

I have experience teaching people who wish to pursue music as a living. I can help get your footing in place. I have prepared students successfully for University Auditions. I have also taught students required skills in order to become a professional musician: repertoire/sight reading/reading/advanced ear training/how to write proper charts/theory related to arranging for other instruments/ how to transpose songs on the fly etc. 

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